Penciller, Inker, Colorist, sometimes Writer, Aspiring Comic Creator. Proud member of The Xion Group in Philadelphia. Currently accepting freelance and commission work. I’m a self-taught artist, loves art and creating it in multiple forms of media. I am Mike Colston, I am The Journeyman Artist!


A Doll Made of Black Porcelain: Concrete consequences of whitewashing and racism in Epic Fantasy fandoms



A doll made of black porcelain. This is how Robert Jordan repeatedly, vocally, constantly describes the character Tuon in his epic fantasy series, The Wheel of Time. It made me giggle because it seems exhaustive, but his books are famous for their exhaustive descriptions of characters,…

Been Hard on the Road

I have really been living up to my Journeyman moniker here lately. I am still working on finishing my sketchbook and I have knocked out a few commissions lately as well. But I just wanted to give you glimpse of the usual layout of my mobile studio when I am on theh road traveling for the day job.

Keep Grindin’

SEOUL SESSIONS: Ep5 - “Putting It Together” (by LeSean Thomas)



Jim Steranko ~ Outlander. One of the 3 best artists in comics ever, on his A-Game. Sean Connery starred in the movie of this.

Peter - Enjoyed the movie so much but the comic was a graphic design dream!!!

SEAN MURPHY Apprenticeship

by ~seangordonmurphy

Here we go, folks! If you’re interested in the Apprenticeship, then read below. At the bottom you’ll find a link—just click to download the application WITH your finished pages to

1. Submit 5 pages of black and white sequential art (along with application below) to . The pages must be inked, no pencils and no “darkened pencils” using Photoshop. I want students who can do both! Because I use traditional tools (pencil/ink), I’m more capable of teaching students who also use those tools, but I’m happy to accept di

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Drawn: The Yiynova MSP19U Cintiq Alternative Swings for the Fences


With the release of their second generation budget Cintiq alternative, Yiynova gets it right

Yiynova took on Wacom’s tablet display monopoly last year with their release of the DP10 and MSP19. I reviewed those units and they left me wanting.

The Yiynova used Waltop

Cosplay - San Diego Comic Con - SDCC - Cosplay Music Video - 2013 (by sneakyzebra)

Smoke&Mirrors…………… from the upcoming Go Hard or Go Hard Mixtape